Patanjali Tejus Coconut Oil – 210 ml


Use Patanjali Tejus Coconut Oil and discover how to prevent hair fall naturally! It is one of the best oils for natural hair and is counted among most effective hair fall solutions.



Hair fall is a very common hair problem and people of all ages may suffer from this hair problem. People use different ways to prevent hair fall but do not know how to prevent hair fall naturally. Patanjali Tejus Coconut Oil is made up of natural ingredients and it is a wonderful hair fall solutions. There are many oils for natural hair fall prevention. This oil provides nourishment to your hair and prevents hair fall. You can apply this coconut oil every day to get rid of dandruff and hair fall problem. Coconut is considered as a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals that helps in preventing hair fall naturally. This natural hair fall solutions is made up of pure extracts of coconut. It helps to increase the supply of blood and nutrients to the hair and prevent hair fall. It provides proper hydration to the hair cells and prevents dryness of the scalp. The natural extract of coconut nourishes your hair. Coconut supplies proper vitamins and minerals to the hair and prevent hair fall naturally. You can get smooth and shiny hair by application of this natural hair. It can make your hair long and strong.

Advantages of Patanjali Tejus Coconut Oil


There are many benefits of using Patanjali Tejus coconut oil. It is made up of natural ingredients and any other additives or chemicals substances are not present in this oil.

  • This natural oil makes your hair strong and healthy. It supplies nutrients to the hair and prevents hair fall. It is the best hair fall solutions.
  • It is a solution for all types of hair diseases. It can be applied regularly to prevent hair problems. It consists of oils for natural hair growth.
  • You can get long and black hair by using this hair oil every day. It makes your hair bounce and shine naturally.
  • It makes your hair smooth and it helps to improve the texture of your hair. It increases the water content of skin and gives proper hydration to the cells. It prevents drying of hair cells.

Tips to Prevent Hair Fall

Hair fall can be prevented by taking some precautions. One can make certain changes in lifestyle and diet to improve the condition of hair. Some useful tips on how to prevent hair fall naturally are give as follows:

  • One should avoid eating junk food. One should eat healthy food including all the nutrients. Proper nutrition helps to prevent hair fall and dandruff.
  • Keep your hair clean. Wash your hair using herbal shampoo. Excess washing of hair using harsh shampoos can also damage the sensitive hair roots.
  • Apply Patanjali Tejus coconut oil everyday to nourish your hair and get back natural shine.
  • Do not rub your head too harshly after washing. It can break the sensitive hair roots and can produce damage to your hair. It is the main cause of hair fall in young individuals.
  • Try to use same shampoo. Frequent changing of shampoos and oils can also produce hair problems such as hair fall or dandruff.


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