Patanjali Neem Aloevera Face Wash – 60 gm


Patanjali Neem Aloevera is a wonderful natural acne face wash that makes your skin clean and smooth. This natural face wash works well to enhance your natural looking makeup flawlessly!



Patanjali Neem Aloevera Face Wash is a blend of natural extracts from neem and aloevera. Both are considered to be the best herbs for your skin. Neem is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents the growth of bacteria on skin and prevents formation of acne. Aloe Vera has rejuvenating properties and it rejuvenates your skin naturally to give natural looking makeup on your skin. It gives natural face free from any scars and spots. It helps to improve your skin complexion. It rejuvenates your skin and moisturizes it naturally. This natural acne face wash reaches the deeper layers of your skin to make it look healthy and young. It can give you youthful looking skin without producing any side effects. It is a safe and natural face wash that cleanses your skin deeply and produces excellent results. It gives long lasting results and also helps to remove scars from your skin. Patanjali neem aloevera face wash is absolutely safe for all skin types and it does not produce any adverse effects. People of all ages can use this face wash for natural cleansing of your skin.

Advantages of Patanjali Neem aloevera face wash

There are many advantages of using Patanjali Neem Aloevera face wash. It is an excellent solution to get rid of acne naturally. This natural acne face wash rejuvenates your skin and helps to remove acne and scars from your face:

Natural Acne Face Wash

  • It gives natural looking makeup and makes your skin look healthy. It is a natural face cleanser that produces the best results when used on a regular basis.
  • The natural extracts of neem helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful germs on your skin and keep it naturally clean from inside.
  • Aloevera is one of the best natural ingredients used for skin problems since ages. It makes your skin healthy and glowing by providing the vitamins and minerals.
  • It can help to prevent dark spots and blemishes from your skin naturally. It nourishes your skin till deep inside and prevents the growth of germs. It keeps your skin fresh and young.
  • You can get beautiful looking skin by using this face wash regularly for cleansing of your skin. It moisturizes your skin. It also hydrates the skin for reducing dryness.

Tips to Get Rid of Acne

Are you suffering from acne? There are a large number of products available in the market that claim to remove acne from your skin. It is very difficult to choose the right product for getting rid of acne:

  • Use a natural acne face wash such as Patanjali Neem aloevera face wash to get rid of acne.
  • Wash your face regularly with water to remove dust and dirt. Dust can give rise to germs that can produce harmful effects on your skin.
  • Do not use cosmetic products that contain harsh chemicals. Such products can harm your skin and cause damage.
  • Protect your skin from the sun rays by using a natural sun screen cream. Cover your face while going out in the sun.
  • Avoid putting dark makeup on your face as it can also harm your skin.


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