Patanjali Herbal Facial Foam – 60gm


Herbal Facial Foam by Patanjali is an exquisite natural facial cleanser that leaves your skin, clean, clear and smooth. This facial foam is very gentle and does not irritates skin!



Patanjali herbal facial foam is a combination of natural herbs that help to give natural glow to your skin. It is an excellent solution to get rid of acne and other skin problems. It helps to remove dark spots and blemishes and makes your skin bright and beautiful. The natural ingredients of this product rejuvenate your skin. It nourishes the deeper skin cells and helps you look smart and beautiful. It helps in deep cleansing and helps to remove the dead skin cells. It prevents the accumulation of dust and other microbes in your skin cells. You can apply this foam everyday to give natural beauty to your skin. It is herbal facial foam and it is a combination of different herbs that supply proper nutrients to your skin. This natural facial foam makes your skin smooth and radiant. It helps to maintain elasticity of your skin and prevents wrinkle formation. It also helps to get rid of fine lines and other signs of ageing.

Advantages of Patanjali Herbal Facial foam

There are many benefits of using Patanjali herbal facial foam. It rejuvenates skin and makes your skin soft and glowing. It brings natural brightness on your face.


  • The herbal ingredients of this facial foam also help to remove dust and other disease producing organisms from your skin. It helps in cleansing of your skin.
  • The herbal ingredients provide natural nourishment to your skin. It makes your skin radiant and beautiful.
  • This natural facial foam also helps to remove the dead cells of your skin. It helps to keep your skin healthy and free from germs.
  • It prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and it also prevents clogging up of the skin pores. It clears your skin and helps to get rid of acne.
  • The herbal nutrients nourish your skin and produce glowing skin. It makes your skin elastic and increases the tonicity of your skin.
  • It provides herbal nutrients to your skin and rejuvenates your skin. It also protects your skin from harmful effects of the sun.

How to Bring Natural Glow on Face?

You can bring natural glow on face by using herbal products. It is important to take proper care of your skin.

  • One should wash face regularly to remove dust. Water helps to clear your skin from toxins.
  • Eat healthy food to provide nourishment to your skin. Fruits and vegetables supply vitamins and minerals to your skin.
  • You can also wash your face with milk to nourish your skin. Milk cleanses your skin deeply and helps to get rid of inflammation.
  • Do meditation to reduce stress. Stress is the most important reason that can cause skin problems such as acne.
  • Water helps to remove toxins from body, therefore drink more water to remove toxins.


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