Patanjali Dant Kanti Junior Dental Cream – 100 gm


Looking for baby tooth paste for your child? Go for Patanjali Junior Dental cream, the best natural kids toothpaste that offers absolute baby tooth care gently and safely!



Patanjali Junior Dental cream is kids toothpaste. It contains natural herbs that give essential minerals to the teeth of kids. It helps in proper cleaning of teeth. It helps in baby tooth care and makes their teeth strong. It has good taste and children love to use baby toothpaste. It helps in regular cleaning of teeth. Patanjali Junior Dental cream is a mix of normal herbs that improve the quality of teeth. It gives sparkling and white teeth to your kids. It likewise serves to shield your kid’s teeth from bacteria and harmful germs. It serves to clean teeth appropriately and helps in preventing formation of cavities. It supplies essential minerals, for example, calcium and phosphorus to the teeth in youngsters for proper development and improvement of teeth structure. It is special kids toothpaste and the best solution for cavities and other teeth problem in children.

Advantages of Patanjali Junior Dental cream

Patanjali junior Dental cream is particularly made for baby tooth care. It contains common herbs that avert tooth cavities and inflammation of gums in kids. There are many advantages of using this specialized baby toothpaste.

kids toothpaste

  • It helps in proper cleaning of teeth. Children love to use this kids toothpaste as they like the taste.
  • It acts as prevention to teeth ailments such as inflammation, pain and cavities.
  • It reduces toothache in children. It prevents discoloration of teeth. It helps to give white sparkling teeth to children.
  • Many children suffer from recurrent problems of teeth. This toothpaste prevents the growth of bacteria and helps to get rid of cavities. The natural herbs found in this toothpaste do not allow the growth of harmful germs and bacteria.
  • It is an excellent solution to prevent recurrent inflammation of teeth that may create uneasiness. It also consists of natural minerals that help in normal growth of teeth.
  • It helps proper development of shape in children and there are no side effects of using this toothpaste by your kids.

Tips to Prevent Cavities in Children

Parents can help their children to take proper care of their teeth. Cavities can be prevented by taking some useful precautions. Parents should tell the following things to their children:

  • Parents should make sure that their children brush teeth at least two times in a day. It is very important to brush teeth after eating candies.
  • Do not give sticky things to eat as such things can create problems and can easily give rise to the bacterial growth.
  • Parents should encourage their children for eating banana because it is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus. Milk is also a good source of natural minerals that help in proper development of teeth. Other milk products such as curd, cheese, etc are also useful for children.
  • Avoid giving soft drinks and other beverages to your children as these can produce discoloration of teeth and can also harm the enamel.
  • Regular dental visits also help in preventing tooth cavities in children. Take your child to the dentist every six months for early detection of any bacterial growth.


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