Eye Drop For Eye Strain, Dryness In Eyes, Homeopathic Eye Drop

Homeopathic Euphrasia 10% Eye drops For Eye Strain And Dryness In Eyes


Euphrasia eye drops are a homeopathic eye drop that gives relief from different eye problems. It is a useful eye drop for eye strain and dryness in eyes. It is made up of homeopathic remedies and is absolutely safe for your eyes. It can be used to keep your eyes healthy and preventing eye problems such as cataract, conjunctivitis and other eye problems.



Homeopathic Eye Drop

Homeopathic Euphrasia 10% Eye drops

People suffer from many eye problems in day to day life such as dryness in eyes, eye strain, redness, itching, etc. Eyes are the most sensitive parts of human body. We are exposed to sun rays that can affect our eyes, germs and harmful chemicals in everyday life. Therefore, we should take proper care of our eyes to get rid of eye problems. Eye problems can occur due to bacterial or viral infection or if a foreign substance gets into eyes. Natural eye drop for eye strain helps to give relief to the eyes. Homeopathic eye drops are natural and give soothing effect in your eyes.

getting rid of dryness in eyesCauses of Day to Day Eye problems

Eye problems may be caused due to a number of reasons. A few important causes of common eye problems are discussed below:

  • Any injury to the eyes can cause pain and redness. It can also result in loss of vision. Therefore, children should use protective covering for eyes while playing games.
  • Swimming is a common sport that can cause severe eye infections in children. Some children and adults are allergic to chlorine that is used for disinfecting the water but it can cause irritation and redness of eyes.

Some diseases may results in the eyes due to bacterial or viral infection. Many people suffering from high blood pressure often suffer from recurrent eye problems due to insufficient supply of blood to the eyes.

Symptoms of Eye Problems

Important symptoms that may occur in day to day eye problems are given here:

  • Eyes become red
  • There is burning and itching in the eyes
  • Irritation of the eyes may occur due to inflammation of the eye tissues
  • Loss of vision may occur due to recurrent eye infection

Homeopathic Eye Drop

People suffering from day to day eye problems can use homeopathic eye drop. Euphrasia 10% Eye drops can be used for getting rid of dryness in eyes. It is an excellent eye drop for eye strain. It is a combination of effective homeopathic remedies that provide nutrition to the eye cells and give quick relief from eye strain. It is an excellent homeopathic eye drop to provide relief from irritation, redness and burning in eyes. It consists of the following homeopathic remedy:

Euphrasia: This is an excellent homeopathic remedy for day to day eye problems. It provides relief from burning and redness of eyes. It reduces inflammation and irritation of the eyes quickly. It is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for eye strain. It provides nutrition and increases the blood supply to the eyes. It provides instant relief from eye strain. It can be used continuously for preventing loss of vision. It is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for dryness in eyes. It also provides relief from pain. It helps in quick recovery from any kind of tissue injury to the eyes. It supplies proper nutrients to the eyes and prevent recurrent inflammation. People suffering from recurrent eye infections can use Euphrasia 10% Eye drop for eye strain can be used on a regular basis to get quick relief.

Homeopathic Euphrasia 10% Eye drops

How to Use?

Put one drop in each eye two times in a day.

Tips to Prevent Day to Day Eye Problems

People can prevent day to day eye problems by taking a few precautions. One has to make changes in diet and living style to prevent eye infections. A few important tips are given here:

  • Wash your eyes frequently with cold water to remove germs and dust from the eyes. People who drive two wheelers should wear goggles while driving.
  • Never rub your eyes if irritation occurs because this can increase the infection. Wash your eyes with water.
  • One should eat fruits and vegetables to provide proper nutrition to the eyes. Foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots, apples, pomegranate, etc provide natural minerals and vitamins to the eyes and prevent early loss of vision.
  • Wear sun glasses when you go out in the sun. It gives protection from harmful rays of the sun.
  • One should sleep properly for about 7-8 hours. Good sleep is necessary for maintaining good eye health. Sleep also helps in reducing eye strain.
  • Exercise also helps in maintaining good eye health. Exercise increases the flow of blood to all body parts and prevents recurrent infection in the body.
  • Children should avoid studying in dim light. They should have bright light in their study room. They should avoid watching TV from a close distance. Parents should prevent their children from playing video games, mobile games for too many hours.
  • Go for morning walk especially on green grass as it helps in improving vision. It also provides relief from eye strain.
  • Put potato or cucumber slices on your eyes for half an hour everyday to get relief from eye strain.


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