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medha vati is a combination of different herbs that helps in memory improvement. It helps in memory improving by increasing the nutrition to the brain cells.



Medha Vati

How to Improve Intelligence?

medha vati is a combination of different herbs that helps in memory improvement. It helps in memory improving by increasing the nutrition to the brain cells. It is a wonderful solution for the people suffering from loss of memory. It is a natural product that helps in memory improvement and also helps to increase concentration. The natural herbs found in this product are safe and provide nutrition to the brain cells. It prevents early degeneration of the brain cells and prevents dementia in old age. This herbal product can be used on a regular basis for preventing memory loss. It is believed to be an excellent herbal product for memory improving. It also increases concentration and helps to recall the past events easily. It is also a useful herbal product for other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or schizophrenia. It boosts up the brain health and helps to increase the blood supply to the brain. It is proved to be a wonderful remedy for the quick recovery from a head injury. It consists of herbs that act on the brain cells and prevent loss of memory naturally.

Advantages of Medha Vati

There are numerous advantages of taking medha vati on a regular basis. This herbal remedy is a wonderful herbal remedy for memory improvement:

  • It is a useful product for the children who suffer from lack of concentration and weak memory. It is an effective remedy for the treatment of learning difficulties in children.
  • It helps to enhance concentration and memory without producing any side effects. It can be taken every day for increasing memory.
  • It also prevent recurrent headache in children that occur due to stress on the mind.
  • It helps in reducing stress and anxiety by boosting up brain health. The natural ingredients of this product provide a solution for weak concentration and low performance in the academics.
  • It helps children in recognizing and remembering the past events.
  • It is a very useful remedy for dementia or loss of memory in older people. It prevents degeneration of the brain cells and also helps to prevent loss of memory.

Dosage and Mode of Administration

One or two tablets should be taken, two times in a day with water or milk after eating food.

Memory Loss

Memory loss is a common problem that occurs with increasing age. It occurs due to degeneration of the brain cells. It is also known as senile dementia. Older people start losing memory about the past events or even the recent events. They also fail to remember the common names, telephone numbers, home addresses, etc. There is no treatment for loss of memory in conventional system of medicine. They can also use brain supplements for boosting up their brain health. But, memory loss can be prevented by using an herbal remedy. Herbs provide nutrition to the brain and help to prevent memory loss. It is a very difficult condition to manage for the older people. They become dependent on others when they start losing memory. They cannot go out without assistance. Therefore, it is important that one should take proper treatment for preventing memory loss and other brain disorders. Herbal remedies provide the right solution for increasing concentration and memory without producing any adverse effects on the body.

Causes of Memory Loss


There are different causes of memory loss. A few important causes of memory loss are discussed below:

  • Memory loss can occur due to increasing age. Degeneration of the brain cells produces loss of memory in older people
  • Any injury to the brain can also produce memory loss. Formation of blood clot in the brain can produce loss of memory.
  • Any disease of the brain cells can also produce memory loss
  • Children may suffer from weak memory due to prolonged illness or inflammation of the brain cells.

Home Remedies for Memory

People suffering from memory loss can also use home remedies to improve memory naturally. Home remedies provide nutrients to the brain cells and help to improve memory. Home remedies for memory loss may be taken regularly to boost up energy to the brain cells. A few important home remedies that can help to enhance memory are given below:

  • Take a few almonds and soak them overnight. Eat them in the morning and drink a glass of hot milk. This is a wonderful home remedy for enhancing memory.
  • Walnuts are believed to be an excellent remedy for increasing brain power. Soak a few walnuts at night and peel in the morning and eat daily for increasing memory and concentration.
  • One should eat a very healthy diet including all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is important to eat a healthy diet for normal functioning of the brain cells.
  • Take a few raisins and put them in a glass of milk. Boil the milk and drink it daily two times in a day for improving brain health and for getting rid of memory loss.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables for providing proper nutrients to the brain. Fruits and green leafy vegetables help to increase the supply of blood to the brain and prevent memory loss.
  • One should avoid drinking too much coffee and tea for preventing memory loss. Too much caffeine can produce harmful effects on the brain cells.
  • Alcohol and cigarette smoking should be avoided as these are habit forming substances and depresses the functions of the brain. Therefore, alcohol and smoking should be completely eliminated from the daily life for preventing memory loss.
  • Regular exercise also helps to enhance the supply of blood to the brain cells. One should yoga or regular exercise for maintaining good health and improving brain and memory.


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