Learn About Coronary Artery Disease Symptoms To Detect Heart Problems Beforehand

Coronary Artery Disease SymptomsCoronary Artery Disease (CAD) is a very common ailment in the adults these days. The contemporary lifestyle that includes abnormal food habits, sleeping habits, alcoholism, smoking, substance abuse, etc can cause CAD. In fact, an individual can also grow coronary artery disease symptoms due to genetic issues.

When the lumen of the coronary arteries is narrower than normal, an individual gets an improper supply of oxygenated blood. The person struggles to catch his or her breath while exercising or involved in any physical activity. The decrease in blood flow causes lack of oxygen in the heart and muscles of the body. The formation of plaque can also block the proper flow of blood.

It is necessary to know the symptoms of the CAD in order to detect it beforehand.

  • Chest Pain

One of the most important coronary artery disease symptoms is chest pain. The individual will feel tightness or pressure in his or her chest. It will be felt like a huge weight on the chest. This type of pain is coined as Angina, which occurs on the left side or middle part of the chest. The pain gets triggered due to emotional or physical stress and eventually fades away within few minutes. The women might feel a sharp pain fleeting in the back, neck or arm.

  • Shortness of breath

This symptom is felt when you feel that you are out of breath very easily. When an individual is involved in any hard physical work or exercise, he or she cannot catch breath even if the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling is going on normally. This means that the blood is not supplying the proper amount of oxygen to the body. In severe cases, it can cause extreme fatigue too.

  • Arrhythmia

An improper rhythm of the heartbeat is called Arrhythmia. The heart will not beat normally and might skip beats or suffer higher frequency of beating. Patients feel a fluttering sensation in their chest.

  • Heart Attack

This is the most dangerous among the CAD symptoms. It shows that the artery is totally blocked with very restricted blood flow in your heart. The absence of oxygen causes the heart muscles to cramp. A crushing pressure will develop in the chest and the shoulder or arm will feel a sharp pain. The individual might also feel shortness of breath and profuse sweating along with a heart attack.

A heart attack can occur without any prior signs. Women show fewer signs than men. They typical signs of heart attack in women are jaw or neck pain.

  • Conclusion

The coronary artery disease symptoms must be known to everyone so that a person get proper medical attention before it is too late. Coronary artery disease can be cured if detected early. There are many risk factors included with this disease. It is suggested to seek medical attention when someone reaches middle age and discuss the probabilities with the specialists.


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