increase breast milk naturally

Increase Breast Milk NaturallyHow to Increase breast milk naturally?

It is possible to increase breast milk naturally. There are several ways to increase breast milk naturally. There are a large number of herbs that help to enhance the milk production naturally. Some herbs and home remedies act as powerful natural galactogogue that stimulate the production of milk. The herbs consist of elements that stimulate the mammary glands to produce more milk. Herbs and home remedies are absolutely safe and no side effects are produced either to the mother or the baby. Mothers should frequently nurse their baby as long as the baby is active to take breast feed.  Some natural ways are given here to increase milk production.

  • Diet: Diet plays the most important role in increasing the milk production in nursing mothers. Women should eat a well balanced and nutritious diet for stimulating the breasts to secrete the required amount of milk. A diet should be rich in all the necessary and important nutrients for the optimum milk secretion from the mammary glands.
  • Exercise: Exercise also helps to stimulate the milk production in women. Mild to moderate exercise helps to balance the hormones and also helps in increasing the production of milk.
  • Massage: Nursing mothers should massage the breasts from time to time to stimulate the milk production. Massage helps to increase supply of blood to the mammary glands and thus stimulate the production of milk in the nursing mothers.
  • Oats: Oats help to increase breast milk naturally. You can use oats in your daily diet. Oats provide necessary nutrients to the body that help to stimulate the production of breast milk.
  • Whole grains: Apart from oats, other whole grains such as barley, whole wheat, brown rice are also good source of increasing milk production. You can eat whole wheat in the form of breads and pancakes.
  • Carrots: Carrots are rich in carotene that helps to increase breast milk when you are lactating. Carrots are rich in carbohydrates that increase the potassium levels. Eating raw or cooked carrots can help you to lose weight as well as to increase breast milk.
  • Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds help to increase breast milk naturally. You can add sesame seeds in your bun or grind them to make paste and apply it on your whole wheat bread. Sesame seeds are also rich in calcium that helps to fulfill your calcium needs.


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