how to increase breast milk production fast At Home

Importance of breast milk

Breast milk is the most important and the complete food for the baby. Breast milk consists of all the useful nutrients that are required for the proper growth of the baby. It is naturally secreted from the breasts or the mammary glands after the child birth. Hormones are responsible for producing the sufficient amount of breast milk in a breast feeding mother. In some mothers, breast milk dries up and sufficient amount of milk is not produced due to different reasons. But, mothers can use natural and home remedies to increase the breast milk production naturally.

Home remedies to increase breast milk production

Do you want to know how to increase breast milk production fast? It is a common question asked by many women.  Read here to learn about the home remedies that can help to increase breast milk production:

  • Fenugreek: It is one of the best remedy for increasing the milk production quickly. Fenugreek seeds consist of phytoestrogen that stimulate the mammary glands for producing more milk. You can soak one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and keep overnight. Boil this water in the morning and strain the mixture. Drink this everyday to increase milk production.
  • Fennel seeds: Fennel seeds act as a galactogogue and helps in the production of milk naturally. You can boil one tablespoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water. Strain the mixture and drink it two times in a day to get the quick results.
  • Cumin seeds: Cumin seeds stimulate the production of milk. Cumin seeds also help to improve digestion, constipation, bloating and acidity. Add one teaspoon of cumin powder in one teaspoon of sugar. Add this to a glass of warm milk and drink it daily at night for a few days to get the best results.
  • Cinnamon: It helps to increase the milk secretion naturally. It also helps to balance the hormones. You can mix a pinch of cinnamon powder with one teaspoon of honey. You can eat this mixture daily with a glass of warm milk daily.
  • Garlic: It is an excellent home remedy that acts as a galactogogue and stimulates the production of milk in nursing mothers. You can grate a few garlic cloves and add in a glass of water. Boil it till the amount of water reduces to half. Remove this mixture and strain it. Add one teaspoon of honey and drink it daily. It is one of the best home remedies to increase lactation in nursing mothers.

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