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SBL RelaxHed Tablets for Migraine and Recurrent Headaches


RelaxHed is a combination of various homeopathic remedies that provide nutrition to the brain cells and help to get rid of recurrent attacks. RelaxHed is a natural cure for tension headache.



SBL RelaxHed Tablets

A migraine is a type of headache in which a person experiences pain on either one side of the head or all over the head. It is a chronic health problem. It may occur at different intervals of time. Migraine can occur at any age and it badly affects a person. There is an aura felt by a person before the start of migraine headache. It warns the individual about an attack. Sometimes, it starts suddenly and it becomes very difficult to control. There is no cure for migraine in conventional system of medicine. People suffering from migraine take pain killers to get relief. Sometimes pain killers do not provide relief and a person has to take injections. Regular intake of painkillers produces many side effects. Natural treatment for migraine provides long lasting results and is safe to take. Natural remedies provide instant headache relief and do not produce any adverse effects.

Homeopathic Product for Migraine ReliefMigraine Causes

Migraine may be produced by different reasons. A few common causes of migraine include the following:

  • It mostly occurs when a person does not consume proper diet. One should take healthy food especially the breakfast. It is mostly seen in the people who miss their breakfast.
  • Genes also play a role in producing migraine headache in some individuals. Certain genes get transmitted from parents to the children and it may also occur in children.
  • A head injury or infection of the meninges of the brain can also produce headache.
  • Insufficient sleep is also one of the major causes of migraine headache. People who do not sleep properly can get frequent attacks of migraine headache
  • Mental stress is also responsible for producing migraine headache.

Symptoms of Migraine Headache – SBL RelaxHed Tablets

When a person suffers from an attack of migraine headache, he may also complain of the following associated symptoms:

  • There is constant nausea and vomiting. If vomiting occurs it gives relief from pain.
  • There is no desire to eat on account of gastric disturbances.
  • A person can stand or walk due to severe pain in the head. Vertigo may occur due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.
  • There is pain in the neck and it may extend to other body parts. Numbness of hands and fingers also occur

Homeopathic Product for Migraine Relief – SBL RelaxHed Tablets

Homeopathic medicines are safe and natural and provide quick migraine relief. Homeopathic remedies can be taken on a regular basis for preventing recurrent attacks of headache. RelaxHed is a combination of various homeopathic remedies that provide nutrition to the brain cells and help to get rid of recurrent attacks. RelaxHed is a natural cure for tension headache. It provides quick migraine relief and does not produce any harmful effects. It is also useful to get any kind of headache relief. It consists of the following homeopathic remedies:

Iris versicolor: It is an excellent homeopathic remedy that helps in the natural treatment of headache. It is a wonderful remedy for tension headache and it also helps to enhance memory. It increases the supply of oxygen to the brain cells.

Cedron: It is also a unique homeopathic remedy used for the treatment of migraine headache. It is safe and may be taken regularly to get headache relief. It provides quick relief from tension headache as well. It also provides relief from nausea and vomiting.

Ignatia amara: It is indicated when a person suffers from headache after some grief. It helps to provide headache relief naturally and is absolutely natural and safe. It also helps to get rid of depression. It stimulates brain cells and induces good sleep.

Spigelia: It is indicated for left side headache. It is suitable for a person when he complains of headache only on the left side of the head. It also provides relief from nausea and vomiting.

Usnea barbata: It is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for all types of headache. Pain aggravates in the sun. It is indicated for nausea and vomiting that may occur during migraine attack.

Dosage and Mode of Administration:

Take three tablets four times in a day after meals. In children, dosage of medicine should be given half of the adult dose.

Tips to Prevent Migraine Attacks

Migraine headache can be prevented by taking a few precautions. A few tips are given that can help to prevent the recurrent attacks of headache:

  • Do regular exercise to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain. Exercise helps in the normal functioning of all body organs.
  • One should eat proper diet to maintain good health. Proper nutrients help to supply nutrition to the brain cells and prevent recurrent headache attacks.
  • Sufficient sleep is also important for preventing migraine headache. One should sleep for at least 7-8 hours at night.


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