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Prostonum Drops for Enlarged Prostate


Prostrate is a little organ present underneath the urinary bladder in men. In men, this gland enlarges after the middle age and it is called as prostatic hyperplasia.



Prostonum Drops

Prostrate is a little organ present underneath the urinary bladder in men. In men, this gland enlarges after the middle age and it is called as prostatic hyperplasia. It is a typical condition in men and most men experience the ill effects of it when they cross the middle age. When prostate organ grows in size, it might put weight on the bladder and may bring about excessive urine. Infrequently there is spilling of urine in men because of enlarged prostrate. A few men are observed to be at more serious danger due to prostate tumor. No known reason for prostate organ expansion is found yet it is connected to the hormonal changes that may happen in men because of age. Prostate enlargement may create gentle manifestations in a few men and don’t require any treatment. A few men have extreme manifestations and they need to look for some prostate alternative medicine to get help. Natural remedies help in preventing the further enlargement of the gland. Prostonum is a homeopathic treatment for enlarged prostate and it is safe and natural. Prostate homeopathic treatment includes regular intake of prostonum drops. It is a natural cure for prostatitis.

Benefits of Prostonum drops

  • Prostonum drops are made up of homeopathic remedies and it is a prostate alternative medicine that helps to prevent the further enlargement of the prostate gland.
  • All the remedies in this homeopathic product for prostate enlargement are safe and provide quick relief from the symptoms.
  • It is also a wonderful natural remedy for prostatitis. It helps in reducing the infection of the gland quickly and enhances the functioning of the gland.
  • This helps to stop the further proliferation of the cancer cells and also helps in reducing the size of the enlarged prostate gland.
  • It helps in the normal flow of urine and it also reduces pain while passing urine.

Prostonum drops

Prostonum is a homeopathic treatment for the enlargement of prostate gland. These drops comprise of various homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy gives an option and alternative medicine to control the enlargement of prostate gland naturally. The most important ingredients of prostonum drops are:

Sabal serrulata 2x: Sabal serrulata is one of the top most homeopathic solution for the treatment of prostate organ growth in men. It gives help to control the symptoms. It helps in regular emptying of the bladder.


Chimaphila 3x: This is another awesome homeopathic treatment for prostate organ enlargement. It is the best remedy for men who experience the ill effects of aggravation of the prostate organ enlargement. It is also indicated for prostatitis.

Clematis erecta 3x: Clematis erecta is an awesome homeopathic solution for men who experience the ill effects of hypertrophy or the prostate organ. It is indicated when a person experiences extreme pain and discomfort due to enlarged prostate.

Conium: Conium is a known homeopathic solution for any kind of tumor in the organ. It helps in decreasing the size of the prostate organ to bring its ordinary working. It helps by decreasing the proliferation of the prostate gland cells.

Pareira brava: This homeopathic cure helps in the treatment of urinary problems that may be produced as a result of increased size of the prostate organ. It gives alleviation from constant urging for passing urine. It is suggested for men who experience issues in emptying of the bladder totally.

Pulsatilla nigricans: This is a gentle homeopathic remedy which is suitable for men who experience the ill effects of excessive prostate growth. It decreases the recurrence of symptoms and helps to balance the hormones.


It is prescribed to take ten to fifteen drops in one half a cup of water, three to four times in a day after meals.

Dietary tips for Enlarged prostate

People suffering from enlarged prostate can also control diet to reduce the symptoms and for controlling the growth of prostate cells.

  • Pumpkin seeds are exceptionally helpful for this condition. Pumpkin seeds help since they have a high substance of unsaturated fats that support up the normal functioning of all the organs of the body.
  • Tomatoes are likewise valuable for reducing the size of prostate gland. It is rich in lycopene which reduces the size of prostate organ.
  • Ginger is another characteristic natural solution that might that might help for normal functioning of the prostate organ.
  • Men suffering from enlarged prostate should drink carrot juice. It can be mixed with spinach juice to enhance its effect.
  • Hot and cold water bath alternately also provides relief from pain and other symptoms associated with the enlarged prostate gland.
  • Men suffering from enlargement of the prostate gland should do regular exercise to reduce the symptoms.


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