Dysmin Tablets to Control Dysmenorrhea Naturally - Natural Abdominal Cramps Treatment.

Dysmin Tablets for Dysmenorrhea


Dysmenorrheal is a menstrual problem faced by many women. They experience severe pain during menstruation which is termed as dysmenorrheal. Women complain of pain in the lower back



Dysmin Tablets for Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrheal is a menstrual problem faced by many women. They experience severe pain during menstruation which is termed as dysmenorrheal. Women complain of pain in the lower back, abdomen and legs. It occurs due to change in the hormones during menstruation. There is contraction of the uterus that causes severe pain in the abdomen. Dysmenorrhea may be of two types:

Primary and secondary dysmenorrheal

Primary dysmenorrhea: This occurs in young girls with no underlying cause or pathology. Young girls complain of pain in the abdomen, lower legs, and back. It may remain for a few days.

Secondary dysmenorrhea: It occurs in women who suffer from suffer from pathology or cause. The pain lasts for a few hours and disappears soon. Many women take pain killers to get relief.

Natural remedies give relief from menstrual pain. Dysmin tablets consist of homeopathic dysmenorrhea remedies that help to prevent the symptoms. It is a natural abdominal cramps treatment that provides relief quickly.

What are the causes of dysmenorrhoea?

Some common causes of dysmenorrhoea are:

  • When first menses appear early in life, pain may occur in the organs due to hormonal imbalance.
  • It may occur in women who take birth control pills.
  • Women suffering from any other uterine disorders such as POCD, endometriosis, fibroids may suffer from pain during menstruation.
  • Women who undergo multiple abortions at young age may suffer from dysmenorrhea

What are the symptoms?


  • Pain is the most important symptom. Women suffering from dysmenorrhea experience pain in the whole body especially in the abdomen, lower back and legs.
  • There is nausea and vomiting and no desire to eat anything. Other digestive problems may also be present along with nausea and vomiting. Some women lose appetite during menstrual pain.
  • A woman feels weak and tired and there is no desire to do any work. There is constant pain the body and a woman does not like to get up and do work.
  • There is pain in the breasts that become tender and sore to touch.
  • Some women also suffer from acne due to abdominal cramps during menstruation due to change in the hormones.

Dysmin tablets

Dysmin is a wonderful homeopathic solution for menstrual pain. It consists of dysmenorrhea remedies that give relief from menstrual pain quickly. It is a natural abdominal cramps treatment and prevents recurrent episodes of pain. Important ingredients of this product are:

Belladonna: This is a natural remedy for abdominal cramps. It gives quick relief from pain and helps to get rid of nausea and vomiting. This is a wonderful homeopathic remedy that gives instant relief from pain.

Caulophyllum Thalictrodides: It is believed to be one of the best remedy for menstrual pain. It helps to get rid of pain and also improves digestion. It helps in balancing the female hormones and helps in the treatment of all kinds of menstrual disorders.

Cimicifuga racemosa: This homeopathic remedy is considered to be the top most remedy for getting rid of pain. It helps to reduce fatigue and also provides relief from abdominal cramps. It boosts up energy y and helps to balance the hormones.

Magnesia Phosphorica: It is a suitable homeopathic treatment for menstrual pain and abdominal cramps. It is a natural remedy that helps to give relief from pain. It also balances the hormones.

Viburnum opulus: This is a unique homeopathic remedy for menstrual cramps. It reduces contractions in the uterus. It also balances the female hormones and helps to get rid of symptoms of pain. It is a female remedy and also helps to get rid of other female problems.


It is recommended to take four tablets of dysmin before the onset of menstruation. When the menstruation begins, take four tablets every four hours till the pain reduces.

Dietary tips for women

Women suffering from menstrual pain can make changes in their diet to reduce pain. A few tips are given here:

  • Banana is a useful food that can be eaten to prevent menstrual pain. Women suffering from dysmenorrhea can eat a banana every day before the onset of periods.
  • Ginger tea also helps in getting rid of abdominal cramps. Drink one cup of ginger tea to reduce pain.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables to boost up the immune system and reduce menstrual pain. Fruits and vegetables help to reduce pain.
  • Women should drink hot water and hot fluids to prevent contraction of the abdomen. Cold food and drinks should be avoided by the women when suffering from menstrual pain.
  • They can use hot water bottle to prevent pain and contraction of the abdomen. It gives relief from pain.
  • Women suffering from abdominal cramps should avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine. It can aggravate the symptoms.


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